Voluntary Environmental Contribution

Voluntary Environmental Contribution

It is not only a environmental contribution!

Smallholder farms can be included in impact markets

Sponsor environmental services to generate more opportunities for smallholder families:

• Income diversification

• Opportunities to thrive

• Promotes forest and watershed conservation

• Sustainable timber harvesting

Carlos Alberto is El Rosario’s owner and has 67 years old. He has three children and is living at the farm since 49 years ago.
El Rosario per year is able to capture 8,15 tons of CO2 in only 1 hectare of 4 in total of cultivated surface of cacao.

Our process

Monitoring & Verification

Our Principles

Reports will be sent every 6 months for 2 years after the trees are planted. These reports will include photographs and information on location, status, growth and other relevant facts about your trees

PlanT Reforestation program is verified
by CERES Environmental Standards.

Field inspections and reports support our success and accomplishments as part of our commitment to the environment.

We fully comply with legal environmental regulations in Colombia