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By planting trees you are also making a contribution to protect watersheds, enhance biodiversity, improve air quality and generate more community benefits

Did you know that a commercial flight from London to New York emits an average of 0.67 tons of CO2 per passenger?

Planting 22 trees can make an environmental offset about 0.67 tons of CO2

Driving 100km in a car fueled by gasoline emits an average of 0.04 tons of CO2

Planting 1 tree can make an environmental offset about 0.04 tons of CO2

Our process

Monitoring & Verification

Our Principles

Reports will be sent every 6 months for 2 years after the trees are planted. These reports will include photographs and information on location, status, growth and other relevant facts about your trees

PlanT Reforestation program is verified
by CERES Environmental Standards.

Field inspections and reports support our success and accomplishments as part of our commitment to the environment.

We fully comply with legal environmental regulations in Colombia