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PlanT explained

planT is a reforestation and conservation initiative whose aim is to connect people and organizations to contribute to the greening of the planet.

Our environmental efforts are structured together with
first mile members from the supply value chain!

By promoting ecosystem preservation services we are acting
against climate change by storing CO2 in crops, forests and
agroforestry systems owned by smallholder farmers

It is not only a climate contribution!

Smallholder farms can be included in impact markets!

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Integrating Technology & AI

We integrate advanced technology, field activities, experts and satellite monitoring to obtain transparent measurements and accurate quantification of CO2 captured

Why PlanT

Reclaiming our ecosystems is the strategy to visualize our future’s environment
Planting trees is the mechanism to contribute in several ways:


· Ecosystem restoration

· Protect water resources
& quality of air
· Increase biodiversity & better
conditions for wildlife habitats


· Generate and support job opportunities
· Offset carbon footprint of individuals
and companies
· Increase biodiversity & better
conditions for wildliPromote
nature-based solutions in smallholder
cocoa farms to improve livelihoods &
integrate technologiesfe habitats


· Enhance income
diversification for smallholder
· Sustainable tree management
· Sustainable supply value
chains livelihoods &
integrate technologiesfe habitats

Where we are

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Discover our impact models in Colombia!

We aim to strengthen the ecosystems of tropical regions in Colombia. Since 2019 we have planted 47,235 trees. We are working in areas where reforestation and
protection of ecosystems are less present.

We are excited to do more and leave a positive legacy to the environment

Explore our forests

Since 2019…

+47,000 new trees have been planted contributing to preservation of close to 200 Ha of native forest in Hacienda la Tentación & Hacienda el Bosque de la Vida

Thanks to our commitment there is evidence of increased numbers of wildlife due to new corridors between both the estates and nature reserves

CO2 storage until today is estimated in over 2,500 tons

Benefit families from planT are located in Maceo, Antioquia. 5 of them are now been sponsored. Find out more about them LINK (aquí ir a las familias)